The Slumber Party You Always Wanted

Apr 7, 2021

The human experience is the most unique yet universal thing that we all have in common.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a journey. Everyone can find at least one thing in common with another human being.

The Collective Experience Society brand is here to celebrate the human struggle that is existing. Everyone has their own personal struggles. We are here to shine a light to that and learn how to deal with it from all viewpoints of life. From positive wins to heartbreaking moments, the human experience is something we all deal with. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. The color of your skin, the size of your body, or who you are attracted to- the human experience is UNIVERSAL and should be spoken about.

The Collective Experience Society is a place to share any story about the human experience. Parneet and I️ met in a journalism class at community college. I️ wasn’t expecting to make a lifetime friend through class icebreakers. I️ was shocked to learn that we had so much in common. We became instant friends. For a year now, we’ve been talking about working together but we weren’t sure exactly what we wanted to do.

After taking a radio class together, we knew a podcast would be a fun route to go but how to execute that became the next question. What would we even talk about? The human experience became a common theme whenever the podcast idea was brought up. It was such an instant theme because of our different backgrounds. We wanted to create a space that is as diverse and accepting as our friendship.

I️ hope that the Collective Experience Society can feel like an exclusive slumber party you always wanted to be invited to as an elementary aged kid. We all know the one: the popular girl’s birthday party where only 5/10 kids invited could stay the night. (Our exclusive slumber party is more accepting and kind but will have the same amount of tears and dramatics.)

Whoever you are, we have a place for you and your human experiences. I️ hope you enjoy our silly little brand and stay awhile!