The Launch

Apr 7, 2021

Hey there, Collective Experiences Society family!!

Welcome to the official launch of the Collective Experiences Society; we hope you enjoy our shared experiences and stay a while. Also a big welcome to the #cesfam to our brand new website. We have tons of things planned for you and we can’t wait to share them with you.

In the meantime our first official episode, we dive deep into fear and how to overcome it. We talk about all things fear: the dark, needles, the fear of failure and more.

For Nicole, the fear of failure was the main reason the podcast scared her. It’s easy to have an all or nothing mindset. Sometimes you gotta push through the fear of failure and just try your best and hope it lands.

We hope it lands. (And if not, Parneet says it best in the episode by stating, “Failure is something that should be embraced” and we will move on from there.)

We also have an intro episode that is live, if you aren’t exactly ready to jump into a full episode and need a little teaser. Enjoy.



See you soon #cesfam!!

Nicole & Parneet

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